Navy Homecoming | The Brown Family

It was a rainy Christmas Eve when we made our way onto the base.  I had only met Samantha for a split second at her house before heading to the base. As she unloaded the car, I got to meet her little ones!  She loaded them into the stroller, diaper bag full of goodies on her back. She seriously looked like super mom! 

As we made our way to the waiting area, anticipation was high. A Christmas Eve homecoming! What is more romantic? And this Christmas Eve, Samantha was introducing baby to daddy. 

A Christmas Eve shoot is a tall order: family is in town, plans are all set, but how could I turn this down?! Capturing the sweet moment when father and son meet for the first time; when husband and wife reunite after 6 long months. It was honestly a dream shoot. And I left with a heart full of love. Welcome home Jon!


Samantha Searles