Maternity Session at Pleasure House Point

Brooke & Stephen Haynes
& New Baby Girl H

baby H-2.jpg

Brooke and I met roughly 12 years ago when I first joined the track team. I was thrown into the A-squad and was falling behind at practices. I was petrified to be running with these fast girls. I remember vividly after one of my first practices, we had just run a few perimeters for a cool down and my sweat was turning cold from the chill in the October air.  One of the coaches pulled me aside and gave me a pep-talk. He swore I would be up and running with the other A-squad girls in no time. I just had to keep working hard. And so I did. Little by little I was able to keep up with the fastest girls on the team, and little by little these girls were becoming my best friends. We would run for hours, and to keep ourselves occupied, we would talk. I knew everything about these girls. We trained together, traveled together to meets, and sat together at lunch. We became inseparable. 

Brooke has always been the type of person who easily slips into bff status quickly. She genuinely cares about your life, your job, or how things went with that last meeting you were worrying about.  We have been through so much together, and with each tough stumble (figuratively or literally) she's there to talk through it with me over a run, pray with me, and learn with me. 

No number of hugs could accurately express how excited I am for you, Brooke, and Stephen! This baby girl is so lucky to have you two! To lean on and learn from just as I have! 

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Samantha Searles